Work from Wherever You Want; Live the Life You Always Dreamed

The recent pandemic made working from home the new normal—so normal now, in fact, that many companies have considered making remote work a permanent perk. Technology quickly caught up with the demand, whether through improvements on what was already available or creating new products and services to solve unique problems.

As a result, many Americans will likely never work in an office again, even if that office is just down the street or, at most, across town. But, what if you could be even more remote than across town? What if you could work wherever you wanted, regardless of where your business was headquartered? Even better, what if your business headquarters simply followed you wherever you went?

Where would you go? What would you do? Move away from the hustle and bustle of a big city for some rural relaxation. Plug in while on vacation and keep business moving from the beach. Buy a camper and see the whole country while running your own company. All of these things are possible, and then some.

The Usual Roadblocks Are No More

This new ability to work anywhere has professionals searching for new opportunities where their abilities and experience will be fully appreciated. With no limits to location, there is no longer any reason to accept less than the utmost respect, as well as competitive pay, for the job you do. Companies, particularly those in the transportation industry, that continue to limit their workers’ upward movement or pigeonhole them into positions that aren’t fulfilling will soon find their employees fleeing for better work options—even if some of those options require
additional training and education.

Those options are here, at LIWMI Logistics.

Create Additional Income

Perhaps you already have a career that fulfills you, but you want to add more income for your household. With proper freight broker license training and logistics classes, you could be well on your way to improving your financial situation without causing your current job to suffer.

Change Your Career

As a partner with LIWMI, you can quickly change your career to better suit your specific lifestyle. Complete the freight training to learn third-party logistics, become a partner with LIWMI, and you’ll be set to work anywhere any time. As a partner, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends, pursue new hobbies, and explore the world just for fun.

Start Your Own Business

If owning your own business is your ultimate dream, then you’re only steps away from achieving your life’s goals. A new business won’t happen overnight, and the task of starting a brokerage from scratch can be a daunting task. okay. Procuring proper licensing, insurance, and the technology needed is only the beginning, marketing and raising capital is also a daunting task. That’s ok, we’re here to help you get started down the right path immediately. We’ll teach you what you need to know. We provide the training, support, technology, and capital that you need to move your career forward, with a company and community that you’ll love being a part of.

We’re here to provide the opportunities you deserve and the training necessary to make your dreams reality. You can experience a fast-paced, challenging job that you actually love doing while making more money that you thought possible—and having real, life-changing fun.

If that all sounds like it’s too good to be true, don’t walk away just yet. Give us a call and let us explain our processes and technology so you’ll understand how the life you’ve always dreamed of could be your new reality.

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