Logistics as a Service: How We Help Businesses Move Forward

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  • Logistics as a Service (LaaS) with Consistency & Transparency
  • There are so many LIWMI’s out there:
  • What Does LIWMI’s LaaS Solution Include?

Logistics as a Service (LaaS) with Consistency & Transparency

LIWMI offers fast and flexible transportation options for loads of all sizes. Despite your preferred mode of transportation, our experts have made logistics by innovating complex supply chain systems across multiple industries including healthcare, food & beverage, hospitality, safety, manufacturing, ecommerce and more. We understand how important your customers are, let’s remove all the stops and give them everything they want and more.

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There are so many LIWMI’s out there:

“How are you different and why should I care?”

It’s an excellent question. Why WOULDN’T you be asking yourself that right now? Are you hesitant to outsource your logistics needs or switch logistics providers? Many small to medium sized businesses take an approach to internalizing logistics operations; while large national and global enterprises manage complex, multi-level supply chains with multiple locations, where provider changes can be scary and highly uncertain for business dollars and soft costs (such as the social impact while implementing new processes and systems). However, partnering with a true, integrated provider makes sense.

The LIWMI Logistics Sales & Solutions team are experienced professionals who have been in your shoes. We know, understand, and speak the language of your industry and supply chain needs.



What Does LIWMI’s LaaS Solution Include?

We pride ourselves in providing a true partnership of transparency and trust. Immediately expand your capabilities with unrivaled technology, gain support from industry leading professionals and consistently develop your team with customized training and education. We bring you the best of the best, and together we’ll make logistics your competitive advantage.

  • Custom Designed Solutions
  • Comprehensive selection process matching the strongest providers to your specific needs
  • Ongoing training and education
  • A support group to get the job done. Any task, any time, we got this.
  • A network of industry professionals and specialists
  • World class technology customized to serve the needs of you and your customers
  • Agility that mitigates risk and maximizes performance
  • Strategic partnerships that move the world forward

LIWMI Logistics believes that people and relationships are the core of every success story, and relationships are built on trust. When you choose to partner with LIWMI, you’ll experience hard cost savings in supply chain operations, reductions in unproductive hours, and more efficiency in your logistics department. Working with a true technology and AI driven third party logistics provider, you’ll gain knowledge and collaborate with transportation, logistics, technology and data experts to get your shipments delivered on time, on budget and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Explore Our Services

Go By The Truckload

Go By The Truckload

Give your merchandise an exclusive ride and transport your goods by the truckload. We’ve got the space. We’ve got the wheels. We’ve got your back.

Less Than Truckload

Less Than Truckload

Share space and reduce costs with less-than-truckload shipping and give your goods a ride alongside others until it reaches its destination.

Intermodal Transport

Intermodal Transport

For longer distance, less time sensitive journeys, LIWMI offers intermodal transport that combines rail and road transport for cost reductions and across-the-border delivery.

Expedited Freight

Expedited Freight

Get your goods on the fast-track to their new home with expedited shipments. Satisfy compulsive package-trackers and reduce wasted time with limited stops, from pickup to delivery.