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LIWMI’s Transportation Management Solution (TMS) capabilities, give you instant access to full transparency throughout your entire freight shipping process including quoting, tendering and delivery. Our solutions are tailored for your business, built around an expert led shipping strategy and your business. We custom tailor your shipping technology to meet the demands of your customers and stakeholders simultaneously. The days of one-size-fits-all solutions are over.

Our technology provides you with world-class end-to-end visibility to offer your business the following benefits:

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different

  • Enhance Your Customer Relationships
  • Proactively Manage Carrier Performance
  • Multi-Modal Transportation Made Easy
  • Integrations & Ease of Use

Enhance Your Customer Relationships

Get your customers or vendors the information they need with real-time freight quoting and instant access to shipment history, invoices, accounting information and delivery status. We can even deploy branded online environments for real time interaction.

Proactively Manage Carrier Performance

Identify, evaluate, on-board and pay carriers quickly, easily and efficiently. Proactively review and assess Federal motor carrier compliance, regulations and more. We’ll help you save cost and fully optimize the movement of your supply chain

Multi-Modal Transportation Made Easy

Instantly spot rate, shop, apply contract rates, audit freight bills, manage claims and exchange data with your business systems. Know when, how and why to explore or combine modes of transportation at any time.

Integrations & Ease of Use

Seamlessly integrate with your business systems like CRM, ERP or accounting systems. We provide full support and partner with your teams internally to help you deliver better, provide faster and offer a simpler solution for your customers and employees.

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