Starting a Logistics Business 101

Starting a logistics business is pretty straightforward, though you will find plenty of laws and regulations to follow, even for a small local company. However, if you plan well and make plenty of important decisions and considerations in a timely manner, you should have no trouble starting your own logistics business. Here’s what you need […]

Lessons Learned from Shipping Through a Pandemic. How Will Supply Chains Adapt?

In April of 2020, global supply chains were completely disrupted, bringing global trade to a standstill. Countries restricted or completely stopped international flights, so freight capacity was limited to cargo aircraft. Shipping vessels were placed under quarantine for weeks before they were allowed into ports, and shipping containers were stuck in ports and at state […]

LIWMI Logistics Receives Notable Distinction from Industry Leading Trucker Tools

LIWMI Logistics Is a Diamond Visibility Champion LIWMI Logistics, a premier logistics firm offering world-class technology for supply chain logistics for manufacturers and businesses has received Diamond Visibility Champion distinction from the industry-leading Trucker Tools for their use of the real-time load tracking Smart Capacity platform during the fourth quarter of 2021.  This component is […]