LIWMI Logistics Receives Notable Distinction from Industry Leading Trucker Tools

LIWMI Logistics Is a Diamond Visibility Champion

LIWMI Logistics, a premier logistics firm offering world-class technology for supply chain logistics for manufacturers and businesses has received Diamond Visibility Champion distinction from the industry-leading Trucker Tools for their use of the real-time load tracking Smart Capacity platform during the fourth quarter of 2021. 

This component is just one of the many cutting-edge technology tools that LIWMI Logistics uses to improve service and increase resources with maximum efficiency. A Diamond designation indicates that LIWMI Logistics scored an average visibility compliance rate of 90 to 100, meaning more than 90% of the load tracking requests sent to carriers were successfully completed over the course of three full months.

This is the first time LIWMI Logistics has been honored with this distinction, along with 21 other Diamond Champion recipients. LIWMI shares the honor with Big Three Brokerage, Amino Transport, Inc., Jorstin Transportation Services, and United World Transportation, among several others. Only four firms repeated the honor in Q4 of 2021. LIWMI intends to appear among repeat Diamond Champions at the end of the first quarter of 2022.

To learn more about LIWMI Logistics, visit More information about the Diamond Visibility designation can be found here.

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